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#SS6SeoulDay1 Frozen contest

shindong:: olaf 

Donghae: Arab Elsa.

Hyuk: Michael Jackson Elsa

Teuk: Minidress

Elsa. Kyu: Big breast Elsa.

Sungmin: Elsa 2

Heechul: Beautiful Elsa

Kangin: muscled elsa

Heechul is singing Let It Go trot style (cr hyukarmpits)

Super Junior dancing Rokkugo in Elsa dresses. Only SJ does trot like this.. [ELF_THOUGHTS]

They are showing all SJ past cosplay of girls while playing let it go (frozen) LOL (hyukarmpits)

Wook:” Hyuk is ugly so pass„ donghae not funny at all.. Kyu might be okay” [buttsbonbon]


 (╯°□°)╯︵ ʞıɥsuoʍ (click here for full size gif)

(͒ ॢ ›⚇‹   ॢ)͒୭♡

(͒ ॢ ›⚇‹   ॢ)͒୭♡



i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 

So this happened…

So this happened…



I’m so hurt because of you! Extreme idiots’ stupidity hurts thats for sure…

23/ reasons to stan ken: actor ken

hair flip


MarkJinSon trolls ft.babyjae

15/50 edits of Kim Minseok

15/50 edits of Kim Minseok